Utica Shale Helps with Ohio Unemployment and Other News

USchool consortiums in Ohio awarded $89 million in education grants

In the month of December, 24 school consortiums in Ohio were awarded a total of $89 million in the first wave of an education grant, known as the Straight A Fund, created by Gov. John Kasich. These school districts include Marysville and Union County in Columbus, and Carrollton schools in northeastern Ohio. The effort of these funds is for school districts to better prepare students by implementing programs that combine high school and college credited courses with  job training in the energy field and agriculture. The programs are designed to help students get good paying jobs in the local economy upon graduation. Read Full Story

$110 million improvement project in northern Ohio

On Monday, in Berea, OH, the Ohio Turnpike detailed an improvement project totaling over $110 million in maintenance. The project is an expansion to three lanes for 160 miles. This expansion will make the turnpike a three lane highway in both directions from Toledo to Youngstown. The Ohio Turnpike will also resurface the 241- mile toll road and repair bridges in northern Ohio. Read Full Story

Utica Shale Industry is lowering unemployment in Ohio counties full story

A boost in sales tax revenue from Utica Shale drilling, $15.5 million in 2011 to $22.9 million in 2013 to be exact, has drastically decreased unemployment in Ohio’s main drilling counties; Carroll, Harrison, Noble, Guernsey and Belmont. This increase in tax revenue has spurred job growth in shale related industries by 30 percent, over 1,929 jobs from 2011 to 2013. In addition to the job growth and  increase in tax revenue, midstream infrastructure development has created 63 jobs at a processing plant in Kensington. These plans will also open billion dollar plants in Columbiana and Carroll counties.

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