A Great Time Around Kenton and Ada, OH


Amber Waves of Grain

I went to a wedding over the weekend in Kenton, OH and did some cycling around Ada and Algers the morning before the ceremony.  That was my first time riding in a farm area like that and it couldn’t have been better.

The smooth, quiet, straight roads were a joy and looking out on the corn and soy fields was a treat. It mostly just me, some birds, and a little breeze.  And for cyclist that’s the way we like it.


Skinny’s Restaurant and Bar in Kenton

I’ve never lived in a small town nor spent much time in one so it was great to have a small town experience while I was there.

I had some time to kill between the ceremony and the reception so I stopped in a family restaurant and bar in Kenton Ohio. I said hi to the man behind the bar and told him I was killing time waiting for a wedding reception to start.  The bartender knew exactly which wedding I was talking about and told me he would see me there later.  Now that’s a small town!

We talked for a little while and he told me he is Kenton’s Elks Lodge’s Exalted Ruler. And on a recent trip to Houston the Kenton Lodge came in second place in the national Elks ritual competition.  Congratulations Kenton, OH Elks Lodge!


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Daft Family Farms Enjoying Cat P6000


Lonnie at Daft Family Farms in McArthur Ohio was nice enough to send us a picture of himself with the used Cat P6000 that we sold him and delivered a couple weeks ago.

Lonnie needed a forklift fast and at the right price so he could put up the hay that he was cutting and baling.

Working with the farm community in Ohio has been very rewarding for Ohio Warehouse Equipment. We get a kick out of knowing our forklifts are out there in rural Ohio working in barns and on farms unloading seed, putting up hay, and doing a lot of the heavy lifting that needs to be done on the farm.

Thanks for sending the picture, Lonnie!

McArthur is a village of 1,600 residents in Vinton County. McArthur is about a 45 minute rive east of Chillicothe, OH.


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Estimated 1 Million Celebrate Cavs Championship

Downtown Cleveland accommodated huge crowds yesterday for the Cavs’ victory parade. Cleveland police estimated 1 million fans came to celebrate with the team.

Today the Cavs are headed to downtown Akron, Lebron James’s northeast Ohio childhood home.

Congratulations Cavs, and here’s to another big celebration today!

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Ohio Oil and Gas -From Jubilation to Exasperation

A few years ago I went to a fracking conference in Cleveland that talked about how the oil and gas industry was booming in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Some big names were in attendance and many predictions were made about the millions that residents who leased their land were making and would make.

The next year I went on a camping trip and stopped in southwest Pennsylvania on my way to West Virginia and saw the boom first hand.  There were hundreds of tank trucks and semi-trailers hauling equipment on the interstate and in the towns.  And many of the towns we passed through had “help wanted” signs for truck drivers at street corners.

But then the price of oil dropped like a rock down a long empty oil well and now the fracking industry is in “survival mode“according to Shawn Bennett, president of the Ohio Oil and Gas Association. In January of 2016 the price per barrel of oil fell to $26 and the price per $1,000 cubic feet of natural gas, what Ohio mainly produces, has fallen to $2 which is below the cost of doing business for many producers.

Thankfully since January the price for a barrel of oil has gone up to $49.70 and natural has per 1000 cubic feet is up to $2.74.  Quite a jump from earlier this year! And the Ohio Oil and Gas Association expects 2017 to be better than 2016.

So good luck to all the producers, drillers, and support staff in the area.  The story of oil and gas in the US has always been boom and bust and it seems this is just the latest chapter. When we flip the page let’s hope for another boom!


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Ohio Business News Roundup – March 28, 2014

Steris Plans To Close Plant in Mentor, OH and Eliminate 100 JobsCleveland.com

Ford Announces $500 million Investment in Lima OH – Expected to bring 300 jobs to engine plantToledo Blade

Investor Group led by Viking Partners has bought the Central Parke development in Norwood, OH for $34 millionCincinnati Enquirer

Cargo Flying to Rickenbacker in Columbus from Hong Kong Columbus Dispatch


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A Forking Good Time

The Lego Car Blog

Lego Technic Forklift

One of our favourite builders, the Technic genius Nick Barrett, is back with two beautifully engineered forklift trucks. Each is loaded with Technic functionality, which Nick has used to hoist a rival, and most excellent, Lego blog’s logo. You can see Nick’s latest work on both MOCpages and Flickr.

We’re also delighted to announce that some of our Elves cornered Nick Barrett last week, and the result is that he joins The Lego Car Blog’s Master MOCers Series as our 8th Master MOCer!

Click here to read Nick’s Master MOCer interview!

Lego Technic Forklift

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Making cars in Mexico

The Operations Room

Check out this spiffy graphic from Automotive News on the evolution of auto assembly in Mexico (Japanese automakers march into Mexico, set up export base, Mar 10).


That expansion has to a large extent come at the expense of the rest of the North American industry as this graph from the Chicago Federal Reserve demonstrates.


Note that overall assembly capacity has declined. That’s not too surprising. The industry was generally seen as being overcapacitated, and the Big Three took the never-let-a-crisis-go-to-waste route to reduce the number of factories and resize their business. But Mexico clearly gained and it is forecasted to gain even more. Here’s another graph from the Chicago Fed.


It should be noted that this growth is driven by Japanese brands. GM is the only US or European firm to open a new plant following NAFTA. All the action lately has been due to the likes…

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Ford Production in Avon Lake and other Business News

Ford to relocate truck production from Mexico to Avon Lake. Ford will move production of the F-650 and F-50 medium duty trucks at a cost of about $168 million. Cleveland.com

Emerson Network Power to lay off 63 employees in Delaware plant and move jobs to Mexico.  Layoffs will include cuts to supervisors, machine operators, line wirers and manufacturing engineers.  The location will still employ about 170 people. Columbus Dispatch

UGN Inc., an auto parts manufacturer announced plans to build a manufacturing plant in Monroe, OH.  The plant will cost about $50 million and will employ 150 people. Cincinnati Enquirer



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The Lego Car Blog

Not just an excuse for a slightly rude title, but a comparison of Technic fork lift trucks….


We’ll start with set 850, just as Technic itself did, way back when the summers were warm and everybody was on strike. In 1977, this was the very first ‘Expert Builder’ set. In common with the other early sets, there were instructions for 3 models and a wealth of further ideas on the box. The model itself is very cute, if somewhat basic. A quick build, it uses the limited palette of pieces then available to good effect. The first technic model is still the one with the best steering system, for instance. Exceptionally smooth in operation, sensibly geared and with a generous lock; a system that simply hasn’t been bettered since. Ally that to the very short wheelbase and you have an amazingly manoevreable model.

Moving frontwards, things are less happy. The…

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Oil & Gas Lawsuit in Summit County and other Ohio Business News

Cathay Pacific, a Hong Kong based international-only cargo airline, will being shipments to Colmbus’s Rickenbacker airport later this year.  The airline will make two flights per week that will bring in goods for Colmbus-based Abercrombie & Fitch and other local retailer. Columbus Dispatch

“It’s like seven years of demolition in one year,” commented Ed Cunningham about Cincinnati’s recent efforts to demolish vacant homes and apartment buildings.  Hamilton County has used $6.1 million from the national settlement with mortgage servicers.  Many more buildings are slated for demolition this year and the empty spaces will make way for new buildings and housing. Cincinnati.com

A case about drilling for oil and gas between Munroe Falls and Beck Energy in Ravenna is underway at the Ohio Supreme Court in Summit County.  At question is whether Ohio law supersedes community zoning rules for rights to regulator gas an oil drilling.  Munroe Falls would like to make sure it can protect it’s community and have some oversight over what happens there.  But others think the sole authority over oil and gas drilling in Ohio lies with the Department of Natural Resources. Ohio.com

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