Oil & Gas Lawsuit in Summit County and other Ohio Business News

Cathay Pacific, a Hong Kong based international-only cargo airline, will being shipments to Colmbus’s Rickenbacker airport later this year.  The airline will make two flights per week that will bring in goods for Colmbus-based Abercrombie & Fitch and other local retailer. Columbus Dispatch

“It’s like seven years of demolition in one year,” commented Ed Cunningham about Cincinnati’s recent efforts to demolish vacant homes and apartment buildings.  Hamilton County has used $6.1 million from the national settlement with mortgage servicers.  Many more buildings are slated for demolition this year and the empty spaces will make way for new buildings and housing. Cincinnati.com

A case about drilling for oil and gas between Munroe Falls and Beck Energy in Ravenna is underway at the Ohio Supreme Court in Summit County.  At question is whether Ohio law supersedes community zoning rules for rights to regulator gas an oil drilling.  Munroe Falls would like to make sure it can protect it’s community and have some oversight over what happens there.  But others think the sole authority over oil and gas drilling in Ohio lies with the Department of Natural Resources. Ohio.com

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