A Great Time Around Kenton and Ada, OH


Amber Waves of Grain

I went to a wedding over the weekend in Kenton, OH and did some cycling around Ada and Algers the morning before the ceremony.  That was my first time riding in a farm area like that and it couldn’t have been better.

The smooth, quiet, straight roads were a joy and looking out on the corn and soy fields was a treat. It mostly just me, some birds, and a little breeze.  And for cyclist that’s the way we like it.


Skinny’s Restaurant and Bar in Kenton

I’ve never lived in a small town nor spent much time in one so it was great to have a small town experience while I was there.

I had some time to kill between the ceremony and the reception so I stopped in a family restaurant and bar in Kenton Ohio. I said hi to the man behind the bar and told him I was killing time waiting for a wedding reception to start.  The bartender knew exactly which wedding I was talking about and told me he would see me there later.  Now that’s a small town!

We talked for a little while and he told me he is Kenton’s Elks Lodge’s Exalted Ruler. And on a recent trip to Houston the Kenton Lodge came in second place in the national Elks ritual competition.  Congratulations Kenton, OH Elks Lodge!


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