Packaging can reduce global food waste

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Fork Me

The Lego Car Blog

Lego Forklift Truck

Everyone likes a good forking. Brickshelf’s legosamigos certainly does, and although his Crawler Forklift is a type of vehicle we’ve not seen before here at TLCB Towers, when you need to fork in a muddy field there’s probably nothing better suited to the job. You can see all the photos of the Power Functions controlled creation at the link above.

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Wine logistics

The Operations Room


I keep an empty wine bottle from Chateau de La Rivière in my office. It says right on the front label “Mis en bouteille au chateau,” that is, that the wine was bottled at the winery. It turns out that at least in the British wine market bottling at the winery is becoming the exception, not the rule. According to the Financial Times, a large numbers of wines imported into the United Kingdom are now imported in plastic bladders (see the image above) and bottled in the UK (Crate expectations, Jan 31).

In the past few years there has been a huge structural change in how wine is delivered to those who drink it. The UK, for example, is the most important market for one of the world’s most enthusiastic wine exporters, Australia. In 2008, fewer than three in every 10 bottles of Australian wine on British shelves contained…

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Sherwin-Williams Revenue Record and Other Ohio Business News

Sherwin-Williams’ Revenue Up $651.1 million from 2012

Cleveland paint company Sherwin Williams sold almost $10.2 billion worth of paint and other products in 2013.  This was a record high for the company who is looking to make a large acquisition in Mexico. Read Full Story

Timken Co. Spinning Off Steel Business

The Canton company is spinning off a steel business and will call it TimkenSteel Corp.  The new company will trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker TMST.  Timken projects steels sales from the new company to exceed $1.7 billion.  Read Full Story.

$500 Million Power Plant Coming to Middletown

NTE Energy, a Florida-based company, announced a project to build a natural-gas fueled power plant in Middletown, OH. Construction will start in 2015 and is expected to be completed in 2018. Read Full Story

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Assistance From 3pl Warehousing

Shipping and Logistics

Third party logistics, often known as 3pl, involves the outsourcing of services for part or all of a company’s supply chain management process. This process includes everything from storing, to shipping, to transportation and delivery. Creating a plan for each of these parts and then implementing it is a very important aspect of the supply chain, and is what gets products from a business to the customer. This method has many benefits, including that of 3pl warehousing. Using a third party warehouse can improve your business in several ways.

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In theory, a better way to load a plane

The Operations Room

How to get passengers onto planes has been a recurring topic on this blog. It is one of the few topics (possibly the only one) we have covered as much as MythBusters has.

Now we get a claim that a professor and a student from Clarkson University have found a better way (Faster Method of Boarding Planes Devised by Clarkson University Researchers, Jan 6). Here they discussing their proposal.

Their work is published in Journal of Air Transport Management and can be found here. Here is the outline of their method.

The key aspect of our proposed method is that it assigns airplane passengers to seats so that their carry-on luggage is spread roughly evenly throughout the plane. This reduces the time passengers take to find available storage in the overhead bins when storing their luggage. We assume each passenger is carrying onto the plane either two…

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New Steel Mill in Scioto County and other Ohio Business News

Clothing Manufacturing Comes to Cleveland

Usually clothing manufacturing moves off-shore to low cost places like Bangladesh, but a pro-American clothing manufacturer from California is setting up shop in Cleveland, OH.  The Wahconah Group recently struck a deal to manufacture clothes on Cleveland’s east side. They expect to hire about 200 area people. Read Full Story.

To Be or Not to Be – That’s the Question For Scioto County Steel Mill

New Steel International, an Ohio-based steel manufacturer, is confident they will open a steel mill in Scioto County.  The cost to build the plant and an associated power plant would cost over $6 billion.  The project was first introduced in 2007 and was pushed hard by then Ohio Governor Ted Strickland.  But the project was put on hold because of the Great Recession. Read Full Story



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Utica Shale Helps with Ohio Unemployment and Other News

USchool consortiums in Ohio awarded $89 million in education grants

In the month of December, 24 school consortiums in Ohio were awarded a total of $89 million in the first wave of an education grant, known as the Straight A Fund, created by Gov. John Kasich. These school districts include Marysville and Union County in Columbus, and Carrollton schools in northeastern Ohio. The effort of these funds is for school districts to better prepare students by implementing programs that combine high school and college credited courses with  job training in the energy field and agriculture. The programs are designed to help students get good paying jobs in the local economy upon graduation. Read Full Story

$110 million improvement project in northern Ohio

On Monday, in Berea, OH, the Ohio Turnpike detailed an improvement project totaling over $110 million in maintenance. The project is an expansion to three lanes for 160 miles. This expansion will make the turnpike a three lane highway in both directions from Toledo to Youngstown. The Ohio Turnpike will also resurface the 241- mile toll road and repair bridges in northern Ohio. Read Full Story

Utica Shale Industry is lowering unemployment in Ohio counties full story

A boost in sales tax revenue from Utica Shale drilling, $15.5 million in 2011 to $22.9 million in 2013 to be exact, has drastically decreased unemployment in Ohio’s main drilling counties; Carroll, Harrison, Noble, Guernsey and Belmont. This increase in tax revenue has spurred job growth in shale related industries by 30 percent, over 1,929 jobs from 2011 to 2013. In addition to the job growth and  increase in tax revenue, midstream infrastructure development has created 63 jobs at a processing plant in Kensington. These plans will also open billion dollar plants in Columbiana and Carroll counties.

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$375 Million Gas Investment and Other Ohio Business News

$375 million natural gas plant opens in Mahoning County

Pennant Midstream opened a $375 million cryogenic processing plant in New Middletown in Mahoning County, Ohio. This will increase shale production in the Appalachian Basin, in turn augmenting economic development in the Mahoning Valley. The Hickory Bend gathering system includes 55 miles of pipeline and the processing plant which can support delivery of 600 million cubic feet per day.  Pennant Midstream plans to add two more processing units to the plant. Chad Zamarin, president of Pennant Midstream believes the infrastructure investment could yield over $1 billion. Read Full Story

Worthington Industries invest in Turkish company

Worthington Industries, based in Columbus Ohio, is planning to buy a 75 percent stake in Aritas, a liquefied natural gas systems maker based in Turkey. The purpose of this transaction is for Worthington Industries to use their sales force to expand Aritas to sell in Western Europe and the Americans. Aritas has a strong LNG product lineup, which will help Worthington expand into the production of energy products, such as alternative fuels to power vehicles. Read Full Story

Chinese company invests $200 million in former GM plant site in Ohio

Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co., a Chinese automotive glass making company, signed a deal today in Columbus to open a plant in Moraine, OH. The plant will create more than 800 jobs in the next 3 years. The site was formerly owned by GM, where over 4,000 people were employed until it closed in 2008. Fuyao is working on a deal with JobsOhio to buy 1 million square feet, and plans on investing over $200 million in the plant. The plant will be within four hours of automotive plants in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. Read Full Story

Diebold names a director for Latin American division

In Green, OH today, Diebold named Octavio Marquez the new managing director for their South and Latin American division. Marquez was formerly the IT manager at EMC. Marquez will be reporting to Diebold’s chief operating officer, George S. Mayes. Marquez will manage out of the Mexico City office. Read Full Story

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Exports from Northeast Ohio return to pre-recession levels

Exports from Northeast Ohio returned to pre-recession levels in 2012, topping $31 billion after sinking to nearly $23 billion in 2009. That’s a 34% increase, according to quarterly economic indicators released by Team Northeast Ohio, the regional business attraction nonprofit. And it’s a stronger rebound than the country as a whole, which saw exports increase 26%. Read Full Story: Crain’s Cleveland.


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