Great Lakes Shipping Revival

Federal Satsuki

As nicer weather approaches the Great Lakes, the St. Lawrence Seaway is awaiting its greatest shipping renewal in the last 30 years. Due to an expected long-term economic growth period, approximately 30 new cargo carriers are being manufactured to meet shipping demands across the St. Lawrence Seaway. The Federal Satsuki, a Japanese-built cargo carrier, is the first of its kind and the latest to be launched in response to the news of a shipping renewal. It is capable of sailing farther on less fuel, breaking through ice on water, and carrying 25,000 tons of product. These are just a few of the benefits on the new generation of seaway freighters being manufactured to meet demand.

As the world pulls out of recession, Ohio and other Midwest regions have seen a significant increase in manufacturing. Rebirth in the automotive industry and an increased demand for steel are two of the reasons why shipping is on the rise. In addition, the development of shale gas and oil is expected to generate economic growth in the Midwest. The increase in manufacturing  and shipping will create a need for forklifts and industrial machines.

Forklifts typically used in shipping industries are container handlers and high capacity lift trucks. In manufacturing industries, a wide range of forklifts are used to handle material.

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