Jungheinrich ETG340 – Electric Cushion Forklift Review

Jungheinrich ForkliftJungheinrich ETG340 Electric Counterbalanced Forklift


Quad Mast – 240″ Lift Height

Integral Sideshift


The ETG340 Electric Counterbalanced Forlklift by Jungheinrich is also known as a stand-up end control lift truck. These forklifts are used as an alternative to sit-down lift trucks and have the ability to perform in multiple different applications. In particular, the ETG340 is used for tight aisle racking, product shuttling, and everyday maneuvering in and out of trailers. Forklift features are: tight turns with full AC traction control, dual drive motors for increased maneuverability, and multi-functional control to work simultaneously.

After our review of the 2013 Jungheinrich ETG340, we noticed a couple of glaring advantages:


  1. Smooth and quiet operation. AC technologies in the drive control, hydraulics, and traction allow the machine to operate efficiently.
  2. Spacious design. Ability to move through tight spaces while having enough room to stand comfortably and firmly on the forklift.
  3. Effortless steering. Controls allow for smooth and easy operation.

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