Largest Global Forklift Manufacturers

The latest world ranking of industrial truck manufacturers was released on Thursday, February 21, 2013 by Rankings are based on revenue from industrial truck sales. Dhf-intralogistik’s world ranking is as follows:

  1. Toyota – Revenues $6.049B
  2. Kion (Linde) – Revenues $5.844B – Main revenue earner was the Linde Material Handling division.
  3. Jungheinrich – Revenues $2.831B
  4. Nacco – Revenues $2.541B
  5. Crown – Revenues $2.1B
  6. Mitsubishi – Revenues $1.219B
  7. Cargotec – Revenues $4.198B – Cargotec sells a variety of industrial equipment, including Kalmar forklifts.
  8. Manitou – Revenues $1.153B – (Total of all industrial sales)
  9. Heli – Revenues $1.022B
  10. Komatsu – Revenues $21.2B (Total of all industrial sales)

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